Valeda - Unearth


We believe it is crucial to acknowledge that the land on which this EP was produced and on which operates is the traditional and unceded territory of the Kanien’keha:ka (Mohawk), a place which has long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst nations.


To unearth is to access what has been buried. What has been buried is what has been carefully kept from being seen, from being heard. What has been seen and heard is not the full truth of what has been experienced. What has been lived is worthy of being acknowledged. Those whose words have remained buried are worthy of being heard.

A violence that has been quiet, that has been survived, that has been known and witnessed over time has seeped into bloodlines. Resilience grows within and is passed down, a knowledge that sits deep in a place outside of language. It is bound to resurface. It has the power to be felt, to be listened to, to be unearthed. To be repossessed and transformed. It comes out viscerally, intuition guiding it out of inertia. It is safe, but it is also a warning to those who seek to bury.

You are a glue that keeps her bendy but not unstuck.


“The lamb is not innocent. The lamb knows how to read the motion of the air and knows the air’s stillness. It knows the pattern of the bird of prey’s flight, the slight shift in temperature provided by the bird’s shadow, the sound of the bird’s cry overhead and the other sounds from which the bird’s cry distinguishes itself. The lamb knows the general system of sound: the lamb must understand quietness, too, in order that the lamb understands the quiet’s relation to predation. [...]

The lamb knows all it knows through awareness of the patterns embedded in a generalized state of risk. The lamb’s way of sensing is a clear-minded sensing of the world as it aligns against it: demystified, dependent, and with brutality intact. [...]

The bird of prey knows what it knows only in a system built from desire’s instances, maintained in the expectation of desire’s satiation: a hawk-eye sees with the arrogance of only the particular of what it wants, not the whole of what is.”

–Anne Boyer, from When the lambs rise up against the bird of prey.

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